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Dr Cruz is the newest member of DHR Health’s hematology and oncology team and says, “I have taken this career path to focus on cancer genetics and give back to the communities of the Valley of the Rio Grande. A place that I have always called my home. Courtesy Image

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Edinburgh, Texas – His students at Santa Maria High School and Edinburgh High School will remember him as Mr. Cruz, but he now goes through Dr. Jose Cruz, an oncologist and hematologist at DHR Health Oncology Institute. His journey began with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering and Latin American Studies at Yale University, but while his 4 years as an educator have been fulfilling, Dr Cruz knew he wanted to do even more to serve his community.

The next decade would include a master’s degree in public health from the Texas A&M Health Science Center of Rural Public Health, a doctorate in osteopathic medicine from the University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, a chief resident for internal medicine and pediatrics. . at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center-Tulsa School of Community Medicine. Certification in Clinical Cancer Genomics / Risk Assessment from the City of Hope Division of Clinical Cancer Genomics, and finally a Hematology and Oncology Fellowship from the University of Louisiana Health Sciences Center at Shreveport.

Today, Dr Cruz is the newest member of the Hematology and Oncology team at DHR Health and says, “I have taken this career path to focus on cancer genetics and give back to communities. of the Rio Grande valley. A place that I have always called my home.

Dr Cruz is excited to be embarking on this new journey and has already crossed paths with some of his high school alumni who work at DHR Health. He is truly a role model for young Hispanic men in South Texas. In fact, he has served as a mentor for the Latino Medical Student Association – South West Region, Valley Alliance for Mentoring Opportunities and Scholarships, and Tours for Diversity in Medicine with Hip Hop Health.

It is with pleasure that we welcome Dr Cruz to our home!

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