New analytics tool provides insights into hospital drug use and spending in Western Australia

Health Support Services, the shared service hub that supports WA’s public health system in Australia, has introduced a new pharmaceutical analytics solution that provides insight into hospitals’ pharmaceutical spending and supplies.


Developed in collaboration with WA Health’s chief pharmacists, the Pharmalytics app provides hospitals with up-to-date access to a dashboard showing their pharmacy usage and spending.

The key information it provides includes income and expenses, refunds, inventory on hand, back orders, and inventory held across all WA Health locations.

It also identifies substitute products and stored quantities and monitors contract compliance, supplier performance, and a COVID-19 drug hotlist. It has a built-in calculator for aseptic preparation products.

HSS noted that the app’s at-a-glance visuals keep users focused on big-ticket items, potential savings, contract compliance, and important suppliers and manufacturers.

To facilitate the continuous development and improvement of the application, a Pharmalytics reference group has been set up following the implementation of the application.


Pharmalytics provides real-time information on each hospital’s purchasing habits, which were previously available to suppliers.

In a press release, HSS said the app allows pharmacy teams to better understand their hospitals’ purchasing trends “which will lead to greater efficiency and cost savings” and help them take informed decisions about day-to-day ordering, distribution and distribution transactions. According to Deepti Shukla, HSS director of purchasing, systems and analytics, WA Health generates approximately A $ 326 million ($ 240 million) in pharmaceutical spending.

HSS also claimed that one of the key features of the application, the overview of all inventory held in each hospital pharmacy department, has led to “greater efficiency in the rapid identification of drugs. essential within the AO health system and allows clinicians and pharmacists to allocate emergency drugs where they are needed most. “

Additionally, through the app, chief pharmacists can instantly assess contract compliance by identifying the portion of orders for any product or product group against master pharmacy contracts. This function, said Shukla, would have taken months to evaluate.


HSS was instrumental in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in WA. He developed the VaccinateWA online registration and reservation system which was initially launched in February. It has been deployed as a public online reservation system in community and hospital vaccination clinics.

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