Michael Reis sentenced for the murder of Jennifer Alvarado Reis

Michel Edouard Reis

A Mississippi man goes to jail for killing his wife. Michel Edouard Reis45, said he was hallucinating with prescription drugs when he shot and killed Jennifer Alvarado Reis, 40, at their home, according to local reports. It didn’t move the court much, if at all. A judge said during his guilty plea to second-degree murder that self-induced intoxication was no defense, according to WLOX.

Judge Christopher Schmidt on Thursday sentenced the accused Reis to 40 years in prison, including 15 years suspended, according to Bixoli Sun Herald.

“I’m incredibly sorry for what I did,” Reis reportedly said before sentencing. “I started having hallucinations that my daughters had died in the garden.”

The couple did not live with children, according to WLOX.

During his plea hearing, he claimed the shooting was unintentional and his gun went off when he was reckless with it.

Authorities said Reis reported to police on March 1, 2020. The officer found Jennifer dead in the kitchen with a bullet wound to her chest.

Before she died, she recorded Michael Reis running around their house, digging in the backyard and asking where his children were, according to the herald of the sun.

“These are things my family and I should never have gone through,” Jennifer’s son said Blake Sprouse in a statement, according to herald of the sun. “I can no longer call my mother and tell her all the great things in my life…she was looking forward to being a grandmother. Unfortunately, that opportunity was stolen from her and she will never be able to hold her grandchild in his arms.

[Mugshot via Harrison County Sheriff’s Office]

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