Greenfern begins distributing GMP drugs in Australia, with promising early adoption by prescribers

Greenfern Industries began to make significant inroads into the Australian medicinal cannabis market by signing a distribution agreement with Cannvalate Pty Ltd.

Greenfern’s wholly owned Australian subsidiary, GFI Pharma Pty Ltd, and GFI’s New Zealand management team have developed a strategic relationship with Cannvalate to build brand awareness of GFI Pharma among 3000+ physicians and 600+ pharmacies of their network. Cannvalate has extensive business interests in the medical cannabis industry in Australia. Interests include the largest network of prescribing physicians and community pharmacies. Australia is one of the largest cannabis markets in the world outside of North America.

Greenfern Managing Director Dan Casey said GFI Pharma has two GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) pharmaceutical drugs that have been manufactured in Australia and are now available to Australian patients. Greenfern will also seek to offer the BPF drugs to New Zealand once local approvals have been obtained.

GFI leverages Cannvalate’s extensive network to bring together real patient data. This activity is part of a larger field of work carried out by GFI Pharma to research and develop the safety and efficacy of cannabinoid drugs.

The GFI Pharma line has experienced significant and immediate adoption and more than $ 100,000 of drugs have already been sold through distribution channels.

The relationship between Greenfern and Cannvalate extends to Epsilon Healthcare and The Valens Company, both involved in the manufacture of GFI Pharma’s two drugs. Epsilon recently announced that it will make its Queensland-based production facility available to Canadian medical cannabis maker The Valens Company as part of a long-term partnership.


Greenfern Industries listed on NZX on October 21, 2021. The market strongly supported the new listing.

Greenfern’s core business is the production and distribution of medicines and foods made from cannabis and hemp plants.

The company aims to be one of New Zealand’s leading distributors of medical cannabis products and wholesalers as well as hemp-based health and beauty products and hemp-based foods.

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