Google’s voice assistant more accurate than Alexa, Siri to drug info, study suggests

Google’s voice assistant is better than Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri at understanding drug names on user demand, but Alexa and Siri are closing the gap, according to a May 19 study published in Digital health frontiers.

The study follows a 2019 study in which Google also ranked number one. The updated study shows that all three voice assistants are working to improve accuracy, according to a May 19 Press release on the study.

Five results of the study:

  1. The original study used recordings of 46 participants requesting information on the 50 most widely distributed drugs in the U.S. The same 46 voice recordings from the 2019 study were tested against Google’s voice assistant, Alexa d ‘Apple’s Amazon and Siri.
  2. Google’s voice assistant was accurate 86% of the time when discussing drug brand names and 84.3% of the time with generic drugs. This suggests that the software has reached maximum accuracy and that the low percentage of issues encountered could be human error.
  3. Siri came in second, with 78.4% brand accuracy and 75% generic accuracy. This is up compared to 2019, with 58.5% and 51.2% respectively.
  4. Alexa ranked third again, with an accuracy of 64.2% in brand names and 66.7% in generic names. This is up compared to 2019, with 54.6% and 45.5% respectively.
  5. There were few differences in accuracy based on a person’s accent in the 2021 study. In the previous study, Siri and Alexa were 8-11% less accurate if the voice recording had an accent. foreign.

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