Drugs on social media are very dangerous, medical experts say


Kadapa: Medical experts warn that it is not advisable to use the drugs mentioned on social networks, in In Whats App groups, unless you consult a qualified doctor as soon as positive corona symptoms appear. Also, when one person gets a positive corona effect, the other takes the drug and uses it on their own, depending on the prescription. Doctors warn that this can also lead to very dangerous consequences.

It is said that any medication should be used as needed, rather than being used indiscriminately causing danger. The unnecessary use of drugs is said to increase resistance to drugs and prevent them from working when needed. Medical experts recommend using an antiviral drug only when it is infected with a virus. Otherwise, problems like weight loss and loss of appetite would arise.

When the crown came last year, many people also used hydroxychloroquine, the measles and rubella vaccine, and drugs used to treat HIV patients. Even though the vaccine is now available, it appears that many people are still using these drugs.

It has been widely reported in WhatsApp groups that aspirin is sufficient to prevent blockages in blood vessels. As a result, many people take aspirin and ecosprin on their own. In addition, Fabi flu medications are widely used to treat viral fevers. In addition, many people take vitamin C, D, and zinc supplements on a regular basis. Hospital police doctor Dr Sameera says it is dangerous to take any medicine without a doctor’s advice and instructions, especially in the case of antibiotics.

Doctors prescribe medication to a patient who has a positive corona effect even when his friends and relatives are positive, take the respective prescription through WhatsApp and buy the medication directly from medical stores and use it.

However, it is very dangerous, said Dr KVNS Anil Kumar, district health officer. He said doctors would only prescribe drugs after knowing the details of the patient’s condition, chronic illnesses, etc., and it would not be reasonable to treat another patient with that prescription. He said antibiotics should only be used as prescribed by a doctor and should not be continued for a long time. He said self-medication wasn’t really good and shouldn’t be considered in Corona’s case at all. He said that many people use high doses of drugs because of their own medication and it is possible that they have a high percentage of steroids. He said that with this other drugs would not work. About 25 percent of deaths occur at this stage alone. Everyone in doubt has been asked to have covid testing, as well as to use medications prescribed by a doctor.


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