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Does the University require students, faculty and staff to receive the vaccine?

Regarding vaccine requirements, the UNC system has advised campuses that under state law, only the North Carolina Public Health Commission can require students to be vaccinated.

The University will continue the Carolina Together Testing Program (CTTP) in the fall of 2021, which will now require all students, faculty and staff who are unvaccinated or fail to provide immunization status to participate in regular asymptomatic assessment tests. Fully immunized students, faculty and staff will be exempt from testing.

While the COVID-19 vaccine is not a requirement for students or employees at this time, we strongly recommend that everyone receive it. All students can be vaccinated at the Campus Health Student Stores pharmacy.

Faculty and staff can find immunization sites statewide on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website.

We continue to urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to report it using COVID-19 vaccination certification.

What is the Carolina Vaccine Clinic? Who can schedule the vaccines there?

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Which: Undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of UNC-Chapel Hill can be vaccinated at the Carolina Vaccination Clinic.

Or: Vaccines for students are available at the Student Stores pharmacy on the top floor of the UNC student stores.

When: Allow the visit to last up to 45 minutes. The vaccinated person must remain on site for the duration of your appointment including an observation period. When making an appointment, avoid conflicts with classes, exams, or work. We ask teachers to be flexible about class absences related to vaccination appointments; However, Campus Health will not provide excused absence forms for your appointment.

Cost: There will be no disbursement for those who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover the administrative costs.

Transport: UNC Student Stores offers ease of access through a range of transportation options.

  • Convenient for cyclists and pedestrians on campus
  • Ten reserved parking spaces on Stadium Drive, overflow parking in Rams Head parking lot (validation provided at vaccination site)
  • City and area transit stops are located immediately next to the vaccination site, including Chapel Hill U, A, FCX, S and GoTriangle 800, 800S, 805, CRX transit routes.

More details: Please contact Campus Health at 919-966-2281 if you have a history of severe allergic reactions or have questions about COVID-19 vaccines or the Carolina student vaccination clinics.

All undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows can register for on-campus vaccination appointments at

What happens after I get my vaccine?

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Congratulations and thank you for doing your part to protect yourself and others. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to notify Carolina that they have received one or both doses of an FDA-cleared vaccine using COVID-19 vaccine certification.

More information on COVID-19 vaccines

Local Health Services

Volunteer opportunities at the vaccination clinic

What is the difference between FDA emergency use authorization and FDA approval?

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In the event of a public health emergency, vaccine manufacture and approval can be streamlined through an Emergency Use Authorization or EUA. EUA does not affect the safety of vaccines because it does not affect development, such as research, clinical studies, and the study of side effects and adverse reactions. Instead, it speeds up manufacturing and administrative processes. All vaccines go through the same testing processes, whether licensed for emergency use or through a typical license. If the benefits outweigh the possible risks of the vaccine and the quality of manufacture can be assured, the FDA will clear the vaccine for emergency use. Emergency use authorizations are an important part of dealing with public health emergencies and ending the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit

Which members of Caroline’s community are eligible to receive the vaccine?

Updated May 13

All people 12 years of age and older in North Carolina are eligible for the vaccine.

Do I have to pay for the vaccine?

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There will be no disbursement for those who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover the administrative costs.

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