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It costs money to start and grow a business. Capital must be used for material or product purchases, website, marketing and a large number of other items that naturally belong to running a business. Few people have that kind of money themselves, but fortunately, there are good opportunities for both business start-up loans and corporate loans in the private market.

Borrowing from a private provider means that you do not have to sit schooled in the bank, and to go through the subsequent slow processes of being approved. You can apply for a payday advance loan online via support, it’s quick and easy.

Business loans without collateral

Business loans without collateral

There are a handful of online business loan providers. Common to them is that they offer business loans without collateral. Thus, you do not have to gamble with house and car or anything else you own of value that the bank will typically demand.

Commercial loan interest

As you can see above, there is a difference in the interest rates offered by the different business loan providers. Many people think that it is about finding the loan with the lowest interest rate, but there are other things that come into play when choosing the loan that best suits your business.

Secondly, you have to take into account other expenses such as different fees. You can end up with a more expensive loan overall by choosing a loan with a low-interest rate if that means a high startup fee. To compare all loan expenses, you need to compare the APR (annual percentage cost). This includes all expenses for the loan, which are converted to an annual percentage rate.

In addition to looking at loan expenses, choose a loan that fits in size and maturity. If you only need $ 5,000, there is no need to borrow from Best bank Business Loan, whose minimum loan is $ 10,000, and if you need a loan that you would like to repay quickly, you will not have to apply for loans from Lånio, with a minimum maturity of 1 year.

Commercial loans despite credit bureau


As a private individual, it can be difficult to get approved for a loan if you are registered with the credit bureau. And it’s a bit like business. If your company has payment remarks, most loan providers will decline to lend you money. However, you may occasionally be lucky to get approved for a smaller size loan despite credit bureau – but that is by no means something we recommend, as it is never a good idea to apply for more loans once you have ended up in credit bureau – it is better first to become debt-free.

If you, as a private individual, are looking for some new quick loans, you can see the overview here as we update regularly.

The loan agreement – respect for clauses Mon, 16 Dec 2019 11:38:02 +0000 ( more... )]]> When a loan is taken out, the borrower as the debtor and the lender as the creditor conclude a loan agreement. It may happen that the closed credit agreement is ineffective because it contains clauses that violate legal requirements. If this is the case, for example, see our article.

Immoral loan agreements

Immoral loan agreements

If a credit agreement violates morality, it is ineffective according to § 138 BGB. This is always the case when the lender unfairly over-benefits the borrower by demanding immoral interest or by signing the loan agreement of non-income-bearing relatives.

If the bank insists on granting a loan to a guarantor or the co-signature of the spouse, which is however without income, then this is immoral, because an actual use would overwhelm the family members financially. This is basically always the case if the income of the relative is not even so high that the rate could be paid out of it.

Usury-like loans

If the lender exploits the borrower’s plight and requires interest on the loan that is disproportionate to the service provided, a credit agreement is also immoral and void. A usury-type loan is used if the annual percentage rate of interest in the contract exceeds market interest rates by more than 100 percent. This can quickly be the case if the lender sells insurance together with the loan and does not include the costs in the effective interest rate, even though the borrower did not want the insurance.

The consequences of this

The consequences of this

Theoretically, an immoral credit agreement that is void would have to be reversed. That is, the borrower would have to pay back the money to the lender. Since this is not always possible because the money may have already been spent, the lender is obliged to provide the borrower with interest-free credit. The borrower also has the right to reclaim interest already paid to the lender.

Possible mistakes in the formalities of a loan agreement

Possible mistakes in the formalities of a loan agreement

Failure to comply with the formalities prescribed by law may also result in a credit agreement being void, but with the payment of the loan amount, this formal error will be “cured”.

Beware of assignment clauses

Always pay attention to possible assignment clauses. Some loan agreements contain clauses by which the borrower assigns salary payments to the lender. In itself, assignment clauses are not unfair, but they limit borrowers’ financial leeway. In a transfer clause, the lender can have the installments seized without the claim being judicially reviewed. Thus, there is the danger that you have to pay even with unauthorized claims of the lender only once.

Credit and residual debt insurance are affiliated contracts

Credit and residual debt insurance are affiliated contracts

Very often, loan agreements lack the specific indication that credit and insurance are related businesses. As a result, the right of withdrawal is not extinguished. The borrower can withdraw from the contract until the limitation period of already repaid loans and related residual debt insurance by revocation and require the lender to reverse settlement. He can claim back the premiums of the residual debt insurance. According to the banks are separate contracts, but the case law (BGH) sees it differently.

Subject of credit decision – controversial? Why do banks refuse loans? Mon, 16 Dec 2019 11:37:09 +0000 ( more... )]]> Nowadays, in times of consumerism when the customer is the most important refusal to grant credit can be shocking. You can think of it, I, the customer, come to the Bank, I want to borrow money and then pay back the loan in installments with additional interest, often not low, I want to give a bank a profit and the bank does not want to give me a loan. How is that Why?

Creditworthiness, i.e. influence on the bank’s decision

Creditworthiness, i.e. influence on the bank

This thinking is partly correct, after all, the bank is also a company, it should count with the customer, respect him. And so it is! Banks take great care of their customers and offer a range of products tailored to individual people, but in the case of loans the matter is different.

Here, unfortunately, banks are obliged by the regulations in force in Poland and the European Union, it is all about limiting credit risk when the client has too many liabilities or does not earn enough, in relation to the amount he wants to borrow is a high risk for the Bank. Risk of unpaid loan, debt recovery costs etc. Therefore, banks are often forced to issue a negative decision on a loan application.

Check out offers

Check out offers

What conditions are checked, the list can be checked on the website: Astro finance we also encourage you to read the list of banks operating in Poland on the portal, where you can see the most interesting offers of Polish banks. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the various offers and conditions, because you can always find a good, interesting promotion that can be very attractive to us!

However, if you have poor credit standing or unpaid liabilities and relatively low earnings, you can apply for a loan. Due to the fact that non-bank companies check their clients to a lesser extent. We have written out loans without unnecessary verification in our website. It’s good to read them. Here you can submit an application conveniently online and after a while find out if the money received. Simple and fast, directly to your bank account.

Credit being on the list of defaulters Mon, 16 Dec 2019 11:35:35 +0000 ( more... )]]> Banks are not the best option if you want to ask for a loan while being on the list of delinquents. In fact they are one of the options to rule out if you want to be able to access financing.

Credit being on delinquent list allows you to access a loan being on the list of delinquents. We actively study your request to know your economic and financial situation and to offer you return conditions adjusted exactly to your ability to pay.

Requirements to access a credit being on the list of delinquents

Requirements to access a credit being on the list of delinquents is not a fast credit company to use. We never deliver money without actively studying the application and assessing its real risk.

We do not open financing if we see that the applicant is in an alley with no economic and financial exit that will inevitably lead to the execution of the guarantee. acts as an intermediary between a wide network of private online lenders who are willing to lend you the money you need in exchange for an interest. However, these lenders want to make sure that they will see their money returned, for that reason to access a line of credit being on the list of delinquents through you need to meet two requirements.

  1. Have a real estate property. This will act as a guarantee against an unlikely event of default (we have never had to execute any guarantee since we started our activity).
  2. Need at least $ 20,000. This is the minimum amount our loans should have. The fixed expenses that we assume during the study and opening of credit lines (administrative expenses, notaries, agencies, fees of our financial and real estate advisors…) are so great that it is not profitable to open financing lines for amounts less than that figure.

Characteristics of your credit being on the list of delinquents

Characteristics of your credit being on the list of delinquents

If the applicant meets the above two conditions, we will proceed to study his application to gather all the necessary information about his personal or business economic and financial situation.

We need to know the reasons that have led to the need of a loan being on the list of delinquents, if there are debts with several different debtors, the amount owed, if there are seizure and auction processes on the applicant’s assets…

If our financial advisors determine that the situation is traceable, we will open a financing line after signing the loan, being on the list of delinquents with the notary of Spain that the client chooses.

Credit being on the list of delinquents to your needs

Credit being on the list of delinquents to your needs

The applicant can choose how, when, in how long and under what conditions to return their credit being on the list of delinquents.

Our goal is never to execute the guarantee but to get our debtors to return credit to the lender satisfactorily.

Cash loan is a benefit for both parties Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:58:41 +0000 ( more... )]]> A cash loan is something that benefits both parties, i.e. on the one hand for the bank and on the other hand for the borrower himself. This is an undeniable fact, confirmed by many life situations and of course confirmed by the economy itself.

Cash loans

Cash loans

Thanks to a cash loan, the bank gains an additional customer and, of course, additional money, which it receives at the moment when the borrower starts paying off the loan, starts paying it back with accrued interest. However, as far as the borrower is concerned, he can start realizing his plans and intentions thanks to the money obtained. It must be clearly stated that in many cases, this loan has helped many people carry out specific actions, such as starting their own business. Importantly, without the funds obtained thanks to the cash loan, a person would not be able to start their ideas. So we see that cash loans are not an economic symbiosis in which both sides profit. What is important, if the borrower is satisfied with all issues related to this loan, he will probably come back again and take another cash loan in the future. There are many cases in life that confirm this thesis. Many people, thanks to the additional injection of cash, could start changing their lives for the better, which is why it only mobilizes even more to repeat this action, to decide again on a cash loan and visit the bank again.

When it comes to cash loans, it is also a form of advertising for a given bank branch.

When it comes to cash loans, it is also a form of advertising for a given bank branch.

Yes, that’s right, advertising. It may sound quite strange, but it really is so, we will see why. If the customer of a given bank is satisfied with all issues related to cash loans, starting from the service at the bank itself and ending with the interest rate, then such a borrower will recommend the bank to another person, and so on and so on, in this way the bank may gain more borrowers And what you do can increase your income. That is why professional service in banks, friendly and human approach to each client is very important. It pays off in the future, today banks know this very well, this is also all the service they have at a very high level. This means that if we have some questions, something will not be understood by us, then they will immediately ask the bank employee about everything, that employee will explain to us all ambiguities so that we will know exactly what and how, and the clarity and transparency here are very important.

To sum up, the topic related to cash loans can lead to the conclusion that cash loans are very clear and clear today, which means that society has trusted cash loans as much as never before. We also trust banks and trust cash loans.

Why are payday loans so popular? Thu, 14 Nov 2019 11:05:10 +0000 ( more... )]]> Payday loans , or loans available almost immediately are enjoying growing popularity. Non-bank loans are the main source of financing for liabilities up to USD 1,000. The non-banking market is constantly developing, which makes the offers more attractive. There are many reasons that contribute to greater interest in payday loans by people. Check why people are willing to reach for payday loans.

Reasons for the increase in popularity of payday loans

Reasons for the increase in popularity of payday loans

Consumer lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. The availability of all goods and services is tempting. The fact that earnings are rising does not mean that people stop borrowing. We earn better, so we want to afford more. Statistics show that four years ago the debt of people to loan companies was USD 589 million. Recent data indicates that it is already USD1.49 billion 1. This almost threefold increase is not surprising. Non-bank loans have been negatively ceased to be associated only. Increased legal restrictions resulting from the provisions of the amended Anti-usury Act have suppressed the unfair practices of loan companies. The Register of Loan Institutions was established. All this affected the transparency of the market. 

There are several important factors that have also contributed to the increase in popularity of payday loans.


Payday loans are advertised as loans available to everyone. In fact, their availability is greater than loans. This is due to, among others, lower customer requirements. A person applying for a short-term loan in a non-bank company does not have a present certificate of earnings, and only declares the amount of achieved monthly income. Lenders operate mainly on the internet, so you can borrow money online. It is true that the bank is also increasingly able to receive a loan via the Internet, but it is a service for regular customers, achieving adequate income, which regularly affects the bank account. The network will find a lot of loan companies that can be analyzed without leaving a comfortable armchair.Various tools are available in the form of comparison websites, rankings, which makes choosing a suitable offer child’s play.  

Attractive offers

In the face of growing competition, loan companies are seeking customers by offering increasingly interesting solutions, such as payday pay for free. When taking a payday loan, you do not need to declare the purpose of spending the funds. A new customer can count on a loan for free. On the other hand, the one who has already borrowed may apply for a larger loan the second time.



We borrow, spend, pay back and we can forget about the loan. The short repayment period has many disadvantages, but the timely settlement of the liability allows you to take another loan or simply improve your creditworthiness. You do not need to watch the payment of monthly installments. Payday loans simply become a convenient form of borrowing money. All you have to do is indicate interesting loan parameters, repayment period and amount, then provide basic data to wait for your decision and transfer after a while.

SME + Business loan: The key to success Tue, 05 Nov 2019 10:04:39 +0000 ( more... )]]> Your small or medium business can grow and expand with the right momentum.

Business financing at the right time is the key to emerge and take your business to the next level.

According to an article by the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, we obtain this relevant information “SMEs are considered as the main engine of the economy.

And in many cases, SMEs are the companies that provide more employees worldwide.

It is very easy to understand why, since SMEs contribute significantly to job creation.


To improve the economic environment of small and medium enterprises

To improve the economic environment of small and medium enterprises

These businesses must be provided with all the tools to boost their competitiveness. Thus, as an important market space, it is covered through these companies. They are the backbone of the Mexican economy. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) generate 72% of employment and 52% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

In Mexico, there are more than 4.1 million microenterprises that contribute 41.8% of total employment. The small ones add 174,800 and represent 15.3% of employability; meanwhile, mediums reach 34,960 and generate 15.9% of employment.

To improve the economic environment of small and medium enterprises, these businesses must be provided with all the tools to improve their competitiveness, increase their sales and consolidate their profitability. All this without forgetting such important aspects as the cost of financing, guarantees and the willingness of banks to attend to SMEs, which is usually an obstacle to their growth.

Understand what companies need: fast and secure financing.

fast loan

In Aswan Brandwein, we are interested in ensuring that SMEs in Guadalajara have the same opportunities for the growth of their business.

This goes hand in hand with the country’s economy, the result of the support of fast and secure business loans.

It is important and timely that you know all the possibilities that your small or medium business has to obtain financial support and that go beyond the offers of traditional banks, so we share the following information: let’s explain the concept of companies called Fintech, What are they? We take this definition so clear that the Fintech Association in Mexico makes: “Fintech is a nascent industry in which companies use technology to provide financial services in an efficient, agile, comfortable and reliable way. The word is formed from the contraction of the terms -Finance and Technology- in English ”.

The Fintech Law was published in the Federal Gazette on March 9, 2018, which regulates Financial Technology Institutions, it is a unique law in the world that leads Mexico to get fully involved in Revolution 4.0, this revolution seeks the technological and digital transformation of business and organizational models.

Obtaining financial support for your company

financial loan

Take note of the following: keep control of the loan, you should use only what is necessary, do not spend more than the budget you have.

Always keep in mind that the money is not yours, it is a support that you will have to settle later.

Applying for a loan brings many benefits, but it can also bring problems if you do not invest it properly.

Knowing how to manage your business finances is the key to making it grow successfully and avoid getting into debt.

The last part to make your business a resounding success is to train and encourage your staff.

A very important investment for your business to continue expanding is to be in constant communication and train each of the members of your team.

They must feel in union and work with a positive and proactive attitude, you as the captain of the ship should make them feel that way.

Remember that SME loans should be used wisely to provide you with the benefits and growth you are looking for.

Each business has different competencies and needs, it reviews the loan requirements well before acquiring it, it investigates the payment terms, the annual rate and remembers not to spend more than your SME loan.

If you are an SME in Guadalajara and you are looking for a financing option, Uswan Brandwen can help you with business loans from 100 thousand to 1 million dollars.



Finance Your Purchases On Amabon Without Interest Sun, 25 Aug 2019 05:51:59 +0000 ( more... )]]> You had never seen it because nobody had done it. Until now. It had to be Protacio Homeblower! And we are going to offer all our customers in Spain the possibility of financing interest-free purchases on Amabon from next week. This is the first collaboration of this type between Amabon and a European company and will allow our users to defer payment of amounts between 200 and 1,000 euros at 0% APR from the app.

That is, you will be able to finance interest-free purchases of Gift Certificates from Amabon, in a period of up to four months.

How I requested?

finance purchase

  • The request and management of the financing is formalized through the app, automatically and in just 3 minutes.
  • Once the process is finished, you access a Gift Certificate that can be used to make one or more purchases on Amabon until the balance is exhausted and with a validity period of ten years.
  • Pay up to € 1,000 in 4 months without interest or commissions.

All users who are interested in benefiting from these conditions can sign up today on a guest list, and be the first to benefit from this 0% APR financing for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas … or whenever you want!

Direct financing with a FinScore of 450 points or higher

To obtain financing, Protacio Homeblower takes as a reference the FinScore index, which determines the credit profile of each user by assigning a score between 0 and 900 points. This index is calculated from the analysis of more than 160 variables that assess the financial history of each case. All users who reach a FinScore of 450 points or higher can get funding.

For Lumina Storks, founder and CEO of Protacio Homeblower, “it is a disruptive collaboration because it opens a new stage in the relationship between the fintech sector and online distributors, and poses new alternatives for access to electronic commerce for users preferential conditions ”.

Do you have any advice, curiosity or question that we have not commented on? What are you waiting for! You can help many users who read your comment on our blog ?

The 3 Worst Credit Cards You Could Ever Have Thu, 15 Aug 2019 05:28:39 +0000 ( more... )]]> I was recently searching the mail and saw a stack of credit card applications. From television commercials to internet advertisements, we are bombarded with advertisements on credit cards. Credit card companies pitch products to people whose credit varies from excellent to poor. People with ratings that fall in the reasonable to poor range are often attacked by “fee harvesters”. Fee harvesters are companies that offer low-credit, high-cost cards. Signing up for a credit card with high interest and exorbitant costs is like having an albatross around your neck. It is better not to have a credit card than to be stuck on a high-cost card. With such cards it makes sense that more Americans say no to credit cards.


Worst unsecured card

unsecured card

The First Prime Bank PL Gold Card is a credit card that has recently attracted a lot of media attention because of its astronomical interest of 79.9%. I find it ridiculous that a credit card with an interest rate of nearly 80% is legal in the United States. The initial credit limit for the Premier card is $ 250. Once you activate your card, First Prime Bank PL will gladly pay you the following fees:

  1. $ 95.00 Program setup table
  2. $ 48.00 annual fee
  3. $ 29.00 service charge
  4. $ 84.00 annual maintenance fee ($ 7.00 monthly fee)

After taking into account all these costs, your available credit is only $ 71. If you add monthly service costs over a whole year, your account will be $ 6 overwritten before you ever charged anything! This is the worst credit card I have ever seen. This card has costs for everything from credit limit increases to invoice payments.


Worst secure card

credit cards

New Primeholding Bank MM tries to give First Prime Bank PL a run for its money with their secure credit card. Customers pay a 19.5% interest rate for the privilege of transporting a New Millenium Mastercard. Did I mention that the 19.5% interest rate is the minimum APR available? This is the highest interest rate I have ever seen charged on a secure credit card.

  1. $ 99.95 Account activation fee
  2. $ 10.00 “Rush” Handling fee
  3. $ 59.00 annual fee

The new Millenium card has no grace period, making it almost impossible to pay for this card because you start to generate interest from the moment you make a purchase. New Millenium also offers a prepaid card with activation fees of $ 99.00 and a monthly entry fee of $ 5.95. That is a total of more than $ 170 in fees alone.


Worst Prepaid card

Prepaid card

According to The New York Times, “prepaid debit cards are among the fastest growing products in the consumer banking sector, but often their convenience comes with hidden costs.” The Prepaid Visa CrashCard is an example of this type of card. The CrashCard offers 2 basic plans. The Pay-As-You-Go subscription has a hefty activation fee of $ 19, 95 and all signature and PIN transactions cost $ 1 per transaction. Withdrawals are $ 1.95 each. The other option is to become a monthly member with the following costs:

  1. $ 9, 95 Maintenance costs monthly bills
  2. $ 3.00 Activation card
  3. $ 1.00 Bill Payments
  4. $ 1.00 fee for paper statements

So, which lesson can you take from these examples? If you are going to carry a credit card, stay away from those three cards. Always remember the three basic rules when searching for a credit card:

  1. Look for a card with a large trusted financial institution. This makes it easier to contact your financial institution if you encounter problems.
  2. Avoid cards with high interest rates and no grace periods. A high interest rate can cost you thousands of extra dollars.
  3. Beware of hidden costs (activation costs, annual costs, processing costs). High fee cards make it far too easy to exceed your credit limit.